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  • Parish Council Report – November 2017

Parish Council Report – November 2017




Parish Council Report – 6th November 2017 - Held at Little Bentley Church Hall –– 7.00 pm

Previous minutes - Minutes were signed as a true representation of events and actions and were signed accordingly by Chariman, Nigel Dyson.  No matters arising. 

New A120 Europark. Objection Lodged

Planning Applications advised -   Glenjohn, Harwich Road - Use of buildings as residential dwellings.

                                                                           Little Bentley Hall - Demolition of outbuildings

Cliphedge Farm  New proposals for the land received. Chairman advises an objection would be recommended when planning is submitted.   Feels that the current plans are much less obstrusive and residents agree.  Council awaits formal submission of plans prior to commenting further.

Planning Determinations advised -              Little Bentley Hall - Demolition of outbuildings - Approved

                                                                        The Old Chapel -  Church Road - Little Bentley - Approved

                                                                        Holiday Accommodation, Wooden Cabins x 3 Malting Farm

                                                                        Little Bentley - Approved

Flytipping  - None reported.  Chairman reminded the wider community to report incidences of flytipping to Tendring District Council who remove waste within 48 hours as a rule.   Flytipping can be reported via or by calling 01255 686768. 

If flytipping is witnessed, residents are encouraged to take photos of vehicles (including number plates) and the rubbish dumped but are reminded to ensure their personal safety while doing so.  Convictions will be brought by the council where possible.

Litter Pick - Date for Spring Litter Pick set for March 10th, 2018.

A120 Roundabout - Commencement of works.  Millenium trees will be replaced by contractors.  Plans being drawn up for planting and landscaping and awaited by council for discussion with Tree Warden.

Rectory Road.  The Triangle is becoming damaged with Lorries from A120 traffic using village as cut through and turning here.  Chairman to discuss with site manager.

Defibrilator - CPR training to be arranged for the Spring by new clerk.

Further suggestions for investment of funds   

Trees - Commitment of  £600 - £700.00 for the tree grant scheme  - The Great Tree Giveaway agreed - gifting of one tree per household for the village match funded up to £500.00 by council.  Tree Warden has looked at suitable trees and is going to ask Clive to do flyers.People to collect at a given time and day.  Will hear in due course and advise at time of award.

Suggestions are always welcome for further investment of funds for village improvements.

Fireworks - Items required for the evening, roles and responsibilities, start times and safety arrangements discussed.

Website  Clerk to appoint company to create this and provide framework for upload of information on site in New Year.

Ravens Green Road     - Residents updated on hold notice for all Quiet Lane Applications - still to submit application for Quiet Lanes in anticipation of a roll out of the scheme at a later date. Additionally, a second application for 20mph limit should be submitted to possibly help in the interim.

Signage for Holland Brook priority traffic - Remains in funding round for this year into next financial year on a rolling programme of works locally.

Rectory Road speed limit application - made and awaiting assignment of case number and subsequent confirmation of speed survey.

Church Road/Manningtree Road village boundary speed limit extension  application - Speed survey complete - awaiting results.

Tendring Road Verges - Clerk advises that there is little or no more that can now be done to improve this, the council will continue to monitor the situation.   

Crabtree Cottage - Council awaits further advice from the council in the matter of the "illegal" burning on the site.

County Broadband - Residents of Ravens Green now have access to this service.  Please visit for further details.

Financial Update -  Balances given, £750 precept received, £100 paid out as donation to Manningtree First Repsonders.  New Clerk to deal with VAT reclaim via Ian Dimmock.

Report from PSCO, Neighbourhood Watch Update - These are no longer being received and villagers are advised to look on the Essex Police Website for latest news about crime and prevention of it in the Little Bentley area.

Report from Cllr A Coley – Tendring District Council News - A full report is available on the Parish Council Website.

Report from Cllr C Guglielmi – Essex County Council News - A full report is available on the Parish Council Website.

Other matters - Parish Clerk - Resignation and Vacancy - New Clerk to be sought - Chairman has already spoken with a candidate to assist.

Church Car Park - update - completed.  Much better arrangements for parking and hall access.

The meeting closed at 19:55

Villagers are invited to the next Parish Council meeting to be held on January 11th at 7.00pm in the Church Hall.  

A full copy of the parish council meeting notes from November 2017 are available to download here or by contacting the Parish Clerk, Karen Fiddes on 01206 255353, or in writing to 2 Crabtree Cottages, Colchester Road, Little Bentley, Essex CO7 8RU.



AGM - Chairmans report can be viewed here






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